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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Suspiciously Timed Emergency Declaration

So, Minneapolis is now a federal emergency area.

This could be a lot more inspiring had the President declared it on his first visit to the bridge collapse site, several weeks ago.

Instead, the declaration had to wait until he was in town for a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Senator Norm Coleman's floundering re-election campaign.

Hmm... I wonder what the differences are with respect to campaign finance laws between a visit for a fundraiser and an official state visit with an incidental fundraiser attached...

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Looking2evolve said...

Suspiciously timed my left foot. I see nothing suspicious about it. Unless of course one thinks a Senator such as Norm Coleman would attempt to market his ability to bring federal money to Minnesota in the wake of tragedy. I doubt politics or politicians would stoop that low. Indeed, I am sure that President Bush’s declaration had nothing to do with any political fundraiser. It was mere coincidence that his declaration came amidst the Republican push for Norm Coleman’s reelection. I am confident politics played no role in the decision. It is what’s best for Minnesota and that was all that mattered.